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It is hard to imagine a day without a cell phone or internet access, but a day without energy or electricity would be a catastrophe. Not only would there be no phones, but there would be no cars, microwaves, stoves or lights. It is clear that we cannot live without energy and it is essential […]

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Traditionally, sustainability has been a seldom-used word, but lately it seems to be on the mind of every decision maker in the country. Mexico is growing rapidly in many ways. Mexico City‘s water reserves were depleted years ago, meaning that it now draws all of its drinking water from aquifers that are located […]

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Of the 2457 municipalities scattered across the country, whose debts ascend MX$46 billion, shockingly only 25 municipalities account for 51% of the debt.

Mexico is a mosaic of contrasts, for instance it fashions itself as a federation yet its centralism is stronger than ever. As the fragments of the puzzle are […]

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As the entrepreneur spirit continues to grow, sustainability becomes a key factor in the creation of new companies and technologies throughout Mexico. There are many projects in the country, but without the proper funding or support, most of them never see the light of day. In order to help bring these ideas to life, the […]

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Mexico City is one of the most populated cities in the world. It is home to more than 20 million people, making the fight against climate change a huge challenge for the government. Public transportation is one of biggest producers of CO2 in the city. In 2015, the Mexico City government developed a 15-year plan […]

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Mexico Energy & Sustainability Review 2016 talks to: Victor Herrera, Managing Director of S&P

If the energy landscape resembled a chessboard, CFE and PEMEX would ultimately hold the roles of the Queens, and as the strongest pieces in the game, they now move unfettered across the black and white milieu. The most renowned credit rating agencies, Standard […]

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Mexico Energy and Sustainability Review 2016 talks to: Marco Antonio Ribera, Senior Corporate Manager Environment and Safety of Nissan Mexicana

Q: What role does the global automotive industry play in incentivizing the adoption of renewable energies and push forth green practices?

A: The automotive industry involves the use of raw materials, transformation processes, and […]

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Mexico Energy and Sustainability Review 2016 talks to: Luis Rubén Gutiérrez, Vice President of Operations PepsiCo Mexico

Q: What have been the most significant accomplishments in terms of green practices and sustainability that have made PepsiCo stand out in the past year? Could you share the facts and figures to highlight this success?

A: PepsiCo México has […]

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The deployment of renewable energies has far reaching consequences that go beyond the mitigation of climate change and economic competitiveness. Renewables are altering and lowering market prices for electricity on a global basis, and much of the new capacity has fallen out of the hands of large utilities. The large expanse of market […]

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Mexico Energy and Sustainability Review 2016 talks to: Victor Pagaza, Director General of a3p

One of modern society’s most ubiquitous and problematic sources of waste is tires, due their durability, ecologically problematic components, and the large volume produced. It is estimated that 1.5 billion tires are discarded each year worldwide. This shocking figure inspired Victor Pagaza, Director […]

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