On Dec. 20, 2017, Nestlé and CONUEE signed the first Energy Efficiency Voluntary Agreement in Mexico. “Nestlé is demonstrating, by becoming the first company in Mexico to get into such an agreement, that being a sustainable company that is also a leader in its economic sector is possible,” says Leonardo Beltrán, Deputy Minister of Planning and Energy Transition at the Ministry of Energy, during the event.

Signing of the voluntary agreement. Photo provided by Nestlé

During the event Francis Pérez, Shared Value Creation and Sustainability Director at Nestlé México, Odón de Buen, Director General of CONUEE, Henrik Bramsen, Ambassador of Denmark in Mexico and Julieta Loaiza, Vice President of Corporative Communication at Nestlé México, were also present.

Before signing the agreement, Pérez highlighted the commitment of Nestlé to improve the life of the Mexicans, not only by offering the best food and health products, but also by working proactively in the area of sustainability. She proudly highlighted how all of the production plants of Nestlé are now zero waste producers. During an exclusive interview with Mexico Energy Review 2018, Pérez also pointed out Nestlé’s commitment with the implementation of renewable energies, “80 percent of our electricity consumption has come from renewable sources since 2013.” She mentioned some examples in this regard, “at our Lagos de Moreno plant, we have used parabolic solar concentration since 2014 as a way to pre-heat the water that goes into our boilers. In Toluca, our plant has a biomass boiler, and at many others we are taking advantage of process heat that would otherwise be wasted to pre-heat other processes.

Francis Pérez during the presentation of the Energy Efficiency Voluntary Agreement between CONUEE and Nestlé

Furthermore, De Buen mentioned the importance of having the support of the Danish community for the development of the agreement, as it offered close consultancy services and provided with insights on how the Danish regulatory framework supports and creates the correct incentives to promote energy efficiency in companies. He also mentioned how this is a groundbreaking agreement, never seen before in Mexico, “this will become as a reference for future agreements that CONUEE will promote,” he added.

Julieta Loaiza mentioned how, thanks to the agreement, Nestlé commits to invest over MX$70 million to improve the technologies in Nestlé’s facility in Toluca, the biggest in the world for coffee production of the company, and this way reduce the facility’s energy consumption by 13 percent. “With this, we will avoid the production of 11,400 tons of CO2 per year, which is equal to taking 3,350 cars off the street per year,” she mentioned.

Meanwhile, Bramsen congratulated both CONUEE and Nestlé for taking the first step towards the creation of voluntary agreements in Mexico, just as it was done in Denmark. “In Denmark we have been in the same place as you are now, introducing voluntary agreements as a way to improve energy efficiency while at the same time increasing productivity. We started in the 90s, and it was a complete success.” He highlighted the importance of developing pilot projects to show the real benefits that energy efficiency can bring, and this way boost the participation of other companies to implement energy efficiency in their facilities. Finally, he also mentioned the commitment Denmark has to work with CONUEE and other institutions towards finding the way to add incentives to future voluntary agreements.

After singing the agreement, Beltrán mentioned how this agreement is crucial for the goal of Mexico to reduce its energy consumption intensity, meaning how much energy is needed for our activities, on 1.9 percent by 2030, and between 2031 and 2050, reduce it by 3.7 percent per year, with the final mission to reduce at least 42 percent the country’s energy consumption. “This agreement will contribute to reduce the wasteful usage of resources and canalize resources to productive activities in Mexico. It is just the first step on the transition towards the future that, as a nation, we decided to reach”, Beltrán says.

Leonardo Beltrán during the presentation of the Energy Efficiency Voluntary Agreement between CONUEE and Nestlé

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