On September 18, the Ministry of Energy published the new contracting model for electric transmission lines. Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, Minister of Energy, stated that the new model will allow for private investment for the development of electric grids in Mexico. He also mentioned that the Ministry will administrate the public, transparent and competitive auctions for the development and operation of the electric transmission lines outlined in PRODESEN. Deputy Secretary of Electricity, César Emilio Ochoa, stated that Sonora and Tamaulipas may be the first to benefit of the new model, to interconnect Sonora with the National Interconnected System, and to efficiently transmit the wind energy production in Tamaulipas.

Presentation of new contracting model. Photo taken from SENER

Presentation of new contracting model. Photo taken from SENER

The Ministry of Energy also stated its commitment with a greener electric transport system in Mexico through the destination of MX$25 million for the installation of 100 electric charging stations in Mexico City and Guadalajara.

CENACE published out two official Blogs informing on the effects of the two earthquakes, the first taking place on Morelos on September 19 and the second on Oaxaca on September 23. During the first quake the affected demand was of 5GW, of which 3.8GW were for the Metropolitan Zone of Mexico Valley, and 1.2GW were for Puebla, Tlaxcala, Morelos and Guerrero. The demand got affected due to 19 generation units, 2 substations, 10 transmission lines, 3 static var  compensators, 64 transformers and 634 distribution circuits going off. As for the second quake, it occasioned intermittency problems in Puebla and Morelos due to problems caused in substations of the corresponding states.

CENACE also published modifications to the long and mid-term electric auctions processes for 2017. The changes consist on an extension for the Q&A period for the mid-term electric auction (details here), a suspension of two days on the long-term process (details here).

Michael Polsky, Invenergy’s president, has shown its interest in the Mexican market by opening up offices in Mexico City and expressing the competitiveness of the country and the existence of a project pipeline on the wind, solar and gas areas, but he also stated that in Mexico there are companies buying their participation in the market with subsidies coming from other countries, making his steps in Mexico to be cautious.


McMaster stated that the US is firm on its decision to leave the Paris agreement, contrary to what was published on other media outlets, but opened the door to taking part in a new agreement in the future. He also said that Trump decided to leave the Paris Agreement was a bad decision for the US people and the environment.

Acciona launched its first start-up accelerator for the development of energy and infrastructure companies. The program, created under the Acciona’s I’MNOVATION platform, will finance the pilot projects for the selected start-ups to validate their technologies under real-life conditions.

The Climate Group announced that a record of 110 companies joined in the pledge to consume 100 percent renewable energy by 2020, accounting for a total 150TWh of energy per year.

Total, the French oil giant, is going deeper on its renewables investments by taking a 23 percent share (accounting for US$284.9 million) on the cleantech developer EREN Renewable Energy. Total had also previously bought GreenFlex, a French energy efficiency player.

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